Entities settings for AEM XML


We received feedback from a customer with TMS & AEM connector set up, regarding issues with " " and " ". Their XML files contain both of these escape sequences and the issues related to that are the following:

  • their system produces errors importing translated XML files if our translation failed to preserves " ". i.e. " " causes import errors.
  • our translation is displayed with " " on their website when we deliver translated XML files with " " i.e. sometimes translation needs to contain " " NOT  " to render correctly on their website.


Have you come across issues such as these with AEM connector? Do you have any suggestions to the customer? I appreciate your feedback!

Thank you,


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  • Hi ,

    I was working on AEM XML files for custom parser just this week for a completely different client, they had no escaped entities in their XML, apart from embedded HTML, meaning my entities settings were completely turned off/unchecked for both XML file type as well as HTML5 ECP. 

    Come to think of it after all these years, I think most of the AEM clients do not have the issues I was asking about, so there must be some sort of options you can adjust on AEM side. I wish I knew what they were.



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