Autosubmit WorkStart/WorkFinish times don't seem to have any effect on Autosubmit operation.

Hi all,
I'm trying to use Autosubmit to push tasks beyond a holding workflow step in order to stage delivery of target files to the client.

The 'WorkStart' and 'WorkFinish' fields in the config should  allow for configuring when the autosubmit plugin will nudge tasks at the holding step but no configuration I make to the times has any effect. Autosubmit just pushes the tasks on regardless.

My config lines:-
    <Config name="NP - RS Step6 Standard - No CR" ConfigID="B697F9D4-EFD5-4622-BB7E-27B69A1D6781">
        <WorkflowStage StageName="RS Delayed Delivery Holding Step">
            <language lang="ALL" ExpiryHours="0" WorkStart="09:00:00" WorkFinish="11:30:00" action="nudge" />

I would have assumed that Autosubmit would be working between 09:00 and 11:30 but it nudges outside of those times too. I thought for a moment that maybe these times are when Autosubmint should not be operating, but then it nudges during this time as well.

Any guidance would be appreciated.