Hello everyone,

It is a pleasure to announce the general availability of WorldServer 11.2.1.

It contains fixes for the following issues:

Component ID Description
User interface CRQ-5326 If HTTPS is configured on your environment via proxy, you can save search filters and remove search criteria on the Projects page of the Classic interface.
CRQ-6921 You can now download XLSX scoping reports for projects whose names contain square brackets or other characters considered invalid in Excel worksheet names, such as slashes, colons, question marks, or asterisks. These characters are replaced by underscores in the worksheet names. Also, worksheet names are truncated if they exceed 31 characters.
Automatic actions CRQ-4084 A new project-level automatic action called Generate TM Matches for Export Kit has been added to improve performance when you export WSXZ translation kits. This automatic action calculates and caches the translation memory matches for all the tasks included in the project and provides the cache to the system when the TMX files in the kits are created. For best results, include it before the Translate step in your workflows.
Translation kits CRQ-5642 You can now find information about unsuccessful attempts to import translation kits in the task history.
SDL Trados Studio integration CRQ-5650 On AWS environments where WorldServer is deployed on Linux and the temporary directory is on a mounted Windows share (Samba/CIFS), you can now upload return packages into WorldServerdirectly from SDL Trados Studio.
Filter Engine Queue CRQ-6047 You can now prioritize import and export actions over segmentation in the Filter Engine Queue by adding the following property to the general.properties file:fts.ui.task.maxPriority=true. If you set it to true, import and export actions have the highest priority available. If you set it to false or do not set it at all, these actions are treated equally with other actions.
Attributes CRQ-6050 When you export attributes that can be applied to multiple object types and import them again into WorldServer, the attributes keep all their applicable object types.
Machine translation CRQ-6303 You can now use SDL BeGlobal machine translation configurations with the Norwegian (Bokmål) locale.
Garbage collection WSXI-9748 During the garbage collection process, the Projects Cleaner can also remove task attributes of the following types: attachment and image.
File types and segmentation CRQ-6202 You can now save assets in which the 0x02BB Unicode character comes immediately after a placeholder in Browser Workbench.
CRQ-4606 You can now save in Browser Workbench XML assets that meet the following conditions:
  • They contain multiple tags marked as Translatable (except in protected content) within a Not Translatable tag.
  • They are processed with the Custom XML (Embedded Content Processor) or Custom XML (Legacy Embedded Content) file type.
CRQ-6271 After you upgrade from a previous version, you can successfully add language resource templates on environments that contain custom file types and file type configurations.
CRQ-8177 After you upgrade from WorldServer 10.x to WorldServer 11.2, you can export tasks that contain segments with QuickInsert tags retrieved from the translation memory.
File Type Support (FTS) Server CRQ-6799 An issue related to the occurrence of deadlocks when certain custom automatic actions export tasks through the SDK has been fixed.
APIs CRQ-6926 You can now generate SDL Trados Studio translation kits successfully from WorldServer Explorer or by using the Generate Translation Kit automatic action.
CRQ-6342 The names of deprecated legacy filters have been modified in the database, so that the API calls made by certain customizations receive proper responses.
Translation memories CRQ-6770 TM entries with segment IDs (SIDs) are no longer duplicated if you change their status or if you modify them; they are now updated.
User assignments CRQ-8037 If you claim a task, on the new interface, you can now change the assignees of another step of the same task, even if that step is not assigned to you or to any of your workflow roles.

Apart from the issues fixed, this release brings about several changes to our cumulative update process:

  • A new versioning schema – for example, in 11.2.1, the first number (11) is the major version, the second number (2) is the minor version, and the last number (1) is the number of the cumulative update.
  • The cumulative update package now consists of the entire WorldServer distribution kit, so that you can install version 11.2.1 directly. For example, you do not need to have WorldServer 11.2.0 installed in order to install 11.2.1. If you already use 11.2.0, you can update to 11.2.1 by running the database update scripts and by replacing the existing WAR files with the new ones – just as you would do for any other cumulative update.
  • Finally, when you update or upgrade to WorldServer 11.2.1, the system information is updated automatically.

SDL will provide regular cumulative updates, so that customers can benefit from the latest improvements and prevent potential issues. You can find announcements about new updates here.

WorldServer 11.2.1 is available on the public FTP.


Raul Albert Ravaru

Product Owner – SDL WorldServer