Hello everyone,

I am glad to announce the availability of WorldServer 11.3.2.

It contains the following fixes:

Component ID Description
Performance improvements WSXI-11453, CRQ-9450 On SQL Server environments, performance has improved significantly when you import SDL Trados Studio return packages.
SDL Trados Studio integration CRQ-10731 Changes proposed through translation quality assessments (TQA) or through Track Changes in Studio return packages are now applied automatically when you update the TM in WorldServer. For example, added text is included and deleted text is removed.
CRQ-10579 You can now add TQA comments after importing WSXZ packages into SDL Trados Studio.
CRQ-10952, CRQ-10949 Two issues related to unsuccessful package imports have been resolved. You can now successfully import Studio return packages with assets whose file types use embedded content processing. The Unable to find a sub content processor and An item with the same key has already been added messages are no longer displayed.
SDL Tridion integration CRQ-9085 SDL Tridion files whose names contain special characters are now processed properly in WorldServer.
Tasks CRQ-10690 Database deadlocks no longer occur when you complete a large number of tasks in parallel through the API.
Security CRQ-9646 A number of security improvements have been made.
Background engines CRQ-9613 The stats engine now recovers after database outages and continues to process the jobs that are waiting in the queue. The job executed at the time of each database outage will be moved to the Failed state.
Translation memories CRQ-3339 An issue related to TM entries has been resolved. After you apply this cumulative update, TM entries that are eligible to become ICE matches are no longer demoted to 100% matches.

SDL will provide regular cumulative updates, so that customers can benefit from the latest improvements and prevent potential issues. You can find announcements about new updates here.

WorldServer 11.3.2 is available on the public FTP.

Important! For this release, you need to install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 (x86) on your FTS Server machine. Make sure you download the 32-bit version (x86) regardless of your system configuration. Before you install it, you might also need to apply certain Windows updates. For more information, see the Visual Studio 2017 system requirements.