WS 11.3.4 General Availability

Hello everyone,

I am glad to announce the availability of WorldServer 11.3.4.

It contains the following fixes:

Affected area or component
ID Description
SDL Trados Studio integration

TM entries are now updated properly if you confirm and update target segments that contain tracked changes (either from SDL Trados Studio or from SDL Online Editor) while using Live TM mode in WorldServer.

Note: The fix on the Studio side will be delivered as part of the next SDL Trados Studio cumulative update.

CRQ-6837 You can now successfully create projects with due dates from Explorer.
Scoping CRQ-9700, CRQ-9801 The total word count of tasks is now reflected accurately on the Tasks page and in the scoping information.
Asset Viewer CRQ-10153 Asset information is now displayed properly in the Asset Viewer.
Segmentation CRQ-10890 The number of situations where tasks remain stuck in a workflow during the Segment Asset automatic action has been reduced even further.
SDL Online Editor WSXI-12543 The WsServiceRoot parameter is now populated with its appropriate value when deploying SDL Online Editor on HTTPS using the Chef Solo cookbook from the cumulative update kit.

SDL will provide regular cumulative updates, so that customers can benefit from the latest improvements and prevent potential issues. You can find announcements about new updates here.

WorldServer 11.3.4 is available on the public FTP.

Deployment notes

If you are upgrading from a WorldServer version earlier than 11.3.3, do one of the following:

  • If you want to deploy this cumulative update through Tomcat, uninstall your current Tomcat version, and then install the Tomcat version included in the cumulative update kit.
  • If you want to deploy it on a WorldServer instance installed with the installer, uninstall your current WorldServer version, and then re-install it using the installer included in the cumulative update kit.

You do not need to do this if you are upgrading from WorldServer 11.3.3 to 11.3.4.