https mixed content after move to 11.3.1

Hi everyone,


We've moved to WS 11.3.1 and we are experiencing a couple of issues with mixed content (http vs https) when we download packages from WS. The issue happens only when downloading a package or when opening the explorer (java app).


Have you ever reached out this situation?


Thanks for letting me know


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  • Hi François, the usage of HTTP and HTTPS is not related to the product per se, but rather the deployment setup, and thus is unrelated to the upgrade and WorldServer version. Have you logged a Support case for this question? It would need an engineer to look at your specific setup to determine the cause of the behaviour you are observing.
  • In reply to Ray Hopley:

    Well, for your information this is happening on the new UI and with the use of the API. I'm not getting this error on the legacy-ui.

    With that said, I'm now in contact with SDL support.