WorldServer is rerouted to the Oracle website when opening the Explorer tab or viewing Filter Configuration settings and Workflow Editor


WorldServer is re-routed to the Oracle website when

1- Opening the Explorer tab
2- Viewing  the Filter Configuration/File Types settings
3- Open the Workflow Editor
4- Adding or modifying Rules

You might also see this error:

Root Cause:

Possibly the WorldServer URL is not added to the Security Zone in Java.
Chrome does not support the needed plugins anymore. More configuration settings needed for Firefox and Internet Explorer 10 and later.
1- For all Browsers: make sure you add to the Security zone in Java.

The Exception site list is managed in the Security tab of the Java Control Panel. You can find instructions about how to open the Java Control Panel on your Windows Environment on this Oracle page:

English: Where is the Java Control Panel on Windows?
German: Wo befindet sich das Java Control Panel bei Windows?

The list is shown in the Security tab. To add, edit or remove a URL from the list, click Edit Site List, add your WorldServer URL and click OK.
You can also follow the instructions in this Oracle KB article:  How can I configure the Exception Site List?

Once you have added the WorldServer URL to the Java Exception Site List, close and reopen your Browser and try again to access Explorer , the Workflow Editor or any page requiring Java.

2- Check the  support Java version for your version of WorldServer and make sure you have the correct version installed on your computer.

WorldServer 10.4.3, 10.4.4. and 10.4.5. Supported Web Browser Java Version (Client side) :

64-bit Sun Java ™ Runtime Environment 1.7
32-bit Sun Java ™ Runtime Environment 1.7

WorldServer 11.X. Supported Web Browser Java Version (Client side) :

Java Runtime Environment 8

3- If you are using the Chrome version 45 or later version as a browser, the support of NPAPI plug-ins is disabled by default. You will not be able to view the affected pages.
See also Please use a different browser.

4- If you use Internet Explorer, make sure to add the WorldServer URL to the Compatibility View Settings under

Tools/Compatibility Settings View 

and to the Trusted Sites under 

Internet Options/Security.

Once you have applied the steps above, try to reload the Explorer page or close and re-open Internet Explorer and try again.

5- If you are using Mozilla Firefox, go to the Add-Ons Site and then to Plugins. Make sure that the 32-bit Java and Silverlight related Plugins are activated. If you have the option to set them to Always activate, please do so. If not, set them to Ask to activate. Restart Firefox and try again to access the Explorer site. When the option Ask to Activate is set, when opening Explorer, you will be asked if you really want to activate those plugins. Confirm with the option Save and Remember. Explorer will open. 

Note - 32-bit version of Java is needed even if you are using a 64-bit operating system.  More information can be found at