Error message when segmenting an IDML or a MIF file in WorldServer: 'The selected IDML/MIF file was created by an unsupported version of Adobe InDesign/FrameMaker'


When you try to segment an IDML or a MIF file in WorldServer, the following error message occurs:

The selected IDML file was created by an unsupported version of Adobe InDesign and will not be processed.
The selected MIF file was created by an unsupported version of FrameMaker and will not be processed or

The selected MIF file was created by a version of FrameMaker earlier than 8.0 and will not be processed​

Root Cause:

WorldServer shows this error message because the original file was created in Adobe InDesign version that is not supported in your version of WorldServer. Check the supported version of your IDML file under

Management > Linguistic Tool Setup > Filter Configurations > Adobe InDesign CS4-CC IDML Studio File Type

Be aware that Adobe has released several updates to its Creative Cloud Suite. This means that if an updated version has been released after your WorldServer version has been released, that IDL CC file could still not be supported.

If the error appears with a MIF file, follow the same steps but check under

Management > Linguistic Tool Setup > Filter Configurations > Adobe FrameMaker 8-13 MIF Studio File Type



Resolution 1

As of FTS for WorldServer Version 10.4.3, the Adobe InDesign and InCopy CC File Type and the Adobe FrameMaker File Type feature a new option: 

The Process unsupported file versions option which enables processing of Adobe InDesign CC or Adobe FrameMaker files even if the file version of Adobe InDesign/InCopy or FrameMaker is higher than the one supported by the FTS release used.

If your IDML or MIF source file fails to segment with the error mentioned above, follow these steps:

1- in WorldServer, go to Management > Linguistic Tool Setup > Filter Configurations 
2- Click on Adobe InDesign CS4-CC IDML Studio File Type (or Adobe FrameMaker 8-13 MIF Studio File Type for MIF files) and open the filter configuration that you are using to segment your IDML files (possibly the Default one). 
3- In the Filter Configuration page, click on Common
4- In the Common page, select the option Process unsupported file versions and click on Save



Note: Use this option at your own risk. SDL cannot take any responsibility for any issues that may arise when processing Adobe files with unsupported versions.

Resolution #2

If you are working on an older version of WorldServer (before 10.4.3.): 

1.    Upgrade WS/FTS to a version which supports the IDML/MIF version used
2.    Use a lower Adobe InDesign or Frame Maker version to create your IDML or MIF files
3.    Only for IDML files: change the file version in the designmap.xml file from inside the IDML archive. 

Resolution #3

This workaround (#3) requires changing information in the IDML files. Therefore, this workaround should be applied at your own risk. You should make sure that you back up your original file before applying this workaround..

To retrieve the required information from the IDML file, first make sure you:

  • Have WinZip, WinRAR or a similar (de-)compressing tool installed on your machine.
  • Deactivate the option Hide file extensions for known file types for your operating system.
  • Have a text editor installed, for example Notepad. Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad to access it.


  1. Close Adobe InDesign on your machine.
  2. Browse to your IDML document.
  3. Highlight the document with one mouse click and press [F2].
  4. Rename the file type extension *.idml to *.zip and press Enter.
  5. Extract the renamed document with either WinZip or WinRar to a folder.
  6. Open your text editor and click on File > Open.
  7. Browse to the extracted folder and open the fole designmap.xml.
  8. When the file designmap.xml is open in the text editor, find the field that looks like this:
    product="9.0 (244)"
  9. Change the line to product = "8.0(370)". In WorldServer 10.4.2., you could change it to "10.0(70)".
  10. Save the changes and close the editor again.
  11. Re-zip all the files and folders.
  12. Change the file extension back from *.zip to *.idml.
  13. Now submit the IDML file to WorldServer.