How to delete TM Duplicates from WorldServer Translation Memories


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How do I delete TM Duplicates from WorldServer Translation Memories?
Root Cause:
1- Under Tools/Translation Memories, select the Translation Memory that you want to work on.
2- In the Translation Memory page, in the Search section, find the check box labeled Duplicates...
3- Check the Duplicates check box.
4- All TM entries which share the same values for all the selected attributes will be returned as duplicates. Note that for Source Entry and Target Entry attributes, an absolute match is required for entries to be returned as duplicates; Entries do not qualify as duplicates if there are any whitespace, punctuation, capitalization, placeholder or number differences (with the exception of WorldServer environments with SQL Database, please read this article about this topic:

Deleting all duplicates of a WorldServer Translation Memory with MS SQL server, the deletion is not case sensitive

Hint: Per default, the search for Duplicates is done on the Source Language only. Click the Duplicates link and select the desired columns to search to assure true duplicates are found per your desired search criteria.

Per default, WorldServer will only select Source Entry. For a perfect content duplicate match you need to add Target Entry, Previous Source Entry and Next Source Entry. Click OK.
5- Select the desired language pair and enter * for the search terms and this will return all the duplicates filtered according to the selected columns.
6- You can also click Choose Columns... link to enable all the desired columns to be visible in the returned results of the search.

7- Finally, click on Delete all Duplicates.