Prevent locking of files when exporting translation kit

Dear community,

We generally use an automatic action to generate export kits. This does not result in the task being claimed, nor does it lock the file in the Explorer. Occasionally a user will create the export kit manually using the Export button. In this case, the task is claimed by that user and the file is locked in the explorer.

We recently had the situation where a user created an export kit this way, resulting in a claimed task and locked file in Explorer. The user was on vacation when the work was returned and none of the other users were able to unclaim the task since the file was locked by the claimant. Only an admin was able to unclaim this task.

Since the admins are assigned to the IT organization and not the translation department, the translators would like a solution whereby they could unclaim such tasks without the need to involve and administrator. Ideally users could be trained to Unclaim before going on vacation, but people simply forget or overlook a project. Is there anyway to prevent the file from being locked and the task automatically claimed when using the Export button?

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