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Hello everyone,

We have some html files with some content that does not need to be fully translated. At first, I've added a new attribute to the span tags: translate="no" and have marked the "Properties" as "Not Translatable" but WorldServer does not want to take ma suggestion into account.

Any idea on how to achieve this?


<div class="spare-part-part-number-label">P/N: <span translate="no" class="spare-part-part-number" >993-000446</span></div>

  • Hi François,

    what you are looking to do is readily achievable by setting a condition on the <span> element, after having duplicated it to allow for translating other <span> content where either translate="yes" or no attribute is specified.

    Here is my initial sample HTML snippet:

    Which exposes all <span> content for translation like this:

    Now I Copy and modify the <span> processing rules to add a Condition so that the file type looks like this:

    So your element list in the File Type settings now looks like this:

    To prove that this works, I added translate="no" to this line:

    <span translate="no" id="P7ra9WDpYaWH5ftb">This is the start of the first chapter.</span> 

    And the segment view now looks like this:

    I hope this helps.


  • Thanks Ray, I was not too far with my testings !

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