What kind of JSON data structure does SDL WorldServer Translation expect?

I need to output a json file that is translated by WorldServer, but no one seems to know how I should format the json.  It's currently in XML.



<line>text from line 1</line>

<line>text from line 2</line>


How would I format that in JSON?

I tried it as an array..

{ "text": ['text from line1', 'text from line2'] }

But they said that doesn't work.

I can't find documentation for this...  Can anyone help?

  • I have actually been working on this quite a bit recently. I can confirm that if you are using the actual JSON filter (which version of WS do you use?) Then what you describe as the array above is the correct format. Have you tried that? There is a problem if you configure an embedded content filter but we've had a hotfix from SDL for 11.4.1 to address that. Who told you that the array would not work?