WorldServer keeps disconnecting


I'm working on a project package with WorldServer-based TM. After a while, Studio automatically disconnects from WorldServer. This always happens after the PC was resumed from the sleep mode. There is no problem with the internet connection using a cable, not wireless, and this happens only on Studio. When I restart Studio, it reconnects to WorldServer automatically.

Is there any way I can prevent Studio from disconnecting and another way to reconnect to WorldServer without restarting Studio?

 Thank you in advance.

  • Hello Reiko,

    I think that the connection is interrupted while the computer "sleeps". As long as there is no connection issues while you work in Studio, the issue is not on the WorldServer side.

    Assuming that the connection to the Worldserver TM is associated with a Studio WorldServer project, instead of restarting Studio, try to go to the Projects settings/Language Pairs/All Language Pairs/Translation Memory and Automated Translation and re-enable the connection.

    If you still have an issue, I recommend that you create a Support case providing more details such as WSXZ package and screenshots.

  • HI Caterina,

    Thank you for your response. I'll try your suggestion when I work on a project that uses WorldServer next time. Does "re-enable the connection" mean to uncheck the certain WorldServer, reopen the Project Settings, and enable (check) the WorldServer again?

  • Hi Caterina, I have the same problem. I think it even loses the connection if I don’t work in Studio for a while and use my computer for other tasks (i.e. without sleep mode).
    My solution so far has been to add a different appropriate TM (in my case, the Default TM) from the same WorldServer. I remove this TM when I notice that the connection has been interrupted. I then add it again and both TMs are connected again. This way I never have to search for the specific TM given to me by my client. It takes time and is a little annoying. I have hoped that the issue would be resolved in Studio 2021. It takes longer than in Studio 2019 for the issue to occur, but it still happens. I use Windows 8.1 (64-Bit Edition) with 64 GB of RAM and a very fast Internet connection (up to 1000 Mbps). It would be helpful if we could at least see straight away, if the connection is interrupted. Otherwise, there is a danger that you might overlook the interruption and just work with the local TM.

  • Hi Renate, I think that the connection "keep-alive" could also depend on the WorldServer environment you are connected to. There might be some time-out setting after a period of inactivity. That said, I wonder why working with the local WorldServer TM (the one included in your WSXZ package) is not the best option for you? What is the reason why you want/need to be constantly connected to the WS TM, which makes moving from one segment to the next slower? Are you missing some TM entries from your local WorldServer package? If that is the case, you can change some settings in WorldServer to export lower TM Matches. The default export setting is 75% match, but you can change that from Tools/ Personal Preferences in the field "Minimum score for matches when exporting:" and set the minimum score to 50 (as an example). 

  • Hi Caterina, thank you for your quick reply. It might well be that this is a problem with the settings for the WorldServer environment. However, I have no access to these settings. Using the local WorldServer TM only is not an option for several reasons: I am working on high-quality marketing material for a large cloud computing company—really a transcreation job. The TMs (and there are multiple of them for several fields of application) are huge. The local TM contains only a small percentage of the server TM. My client has set tough guidelines regarding terminology and style, which both need to be consistent. We use extensive glossaries, but they do not contain all terminology approved during LQAs. We are required to use the server TM as reference material. It is already set up in the WorldServer package I receive from my client. Another reason is that the local TM is not always up-to-date. It was up-to-date at creation time, but with projects that span several days or even weeks, the local TM might become outdated during the translation. I have tried to export bigger TMs straight from WorldServer, however, that takes ages and/or just crashes my machine (even with 64 GB RAM and high-speed internet connection). Also, as described above, I heavily use the Concordance function and that is not covered by the export settings for the TM.

  • Hi Renate, I understand. Please submit a Support case so we can investigate your issue based on further details that you will be able to provide, like the WorldServer environment.