WorldServer keeps disconnecting


I'm working on a project package with WorldServer-based TM. After a while, Studio automatically disconnects from WorldServer. This always happens after the PC was resumed from the sleep mode. There is no problem with the internet connection using a cable, not wireless, and this happens only on Studio. When I restart Studio, it reconnects to WorldServer automatically.

Is there any way I can prevent Studio from disconnecting and another way to reconnect to WorldServer without restarting Studio?

 Thank you in advance.

  • Hello Reiko,

    I think that the connection is interrupted while the computer "sleeps". As long as there is no connection issues while you work in Studio, the issue is not on the WorldServer side.

    Assuming that the connection to the Worldserver TM is associated with a Studio WorldServer project, instead of restarting Studio, try to go to the Projects settings/Language Pairs/All Language Pairs/Translation Memory and Automated Translation and re-enable the connection.

    If you still have an issue, I recommend that you create a Support case providing more details such as WSXZ package and screenshots.

  • HI Caterina,

    Thank you for your response. I'll try your suggestion when I work on a project that uses WorldServer next time. Does "re-enable the connection" mean to uncheck the certain WorldServer, reopen the Project Settings, and enable (check) the WorldServer again?