Restrict access to individual translation memories

Dear all,

I recently created two additional translation memories on the WorldServer (11.4) and restricted access to them to two users. The next day another user reported that he no longer was no longer able to choose a translation memory when clicking on the Project Settings button - only the option for termbases was offered. After I removed the restrictions for those two TMs, the user was again able to choose TMs. 

Is there really no way to restrict use of individual TMs without taking away the option to choose TMs (not the restricted ones, obviously) via the Project Settings button?

Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Dave, are you saying that the same user has access to other, unrestricted TMs and he is no longer able to see those TMs in the Project Settings after 2 of the TMs have been restricted and are not accessible to her/him? If that is the case, I have not been able to reproduce. In my tests, those TMs are indeed not visible for the user - which is the correct behavior - but the unrestricted ones are. I believe that in order to reproduce the behaviour, we would need to know which User Type the user belongs to. Please submit a support case with all details, including a screenshot of the issue. Thank you, Caterina

  • Hi Caterina,

    No, if I restrict access to those TMs, the user didn't even have to option to choose a new TM under the Project Settings button.

    If I remove the restriction, the option is available again.

  • Hi Dave, ok there must be some parameters/permissions in the User Type that I am missing when trying to reproduce the issue. Can you please create a support case for this with all the details and possible with an export of the User Type?

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