missing context information for xml file


we have defined an xml filter for our specific CMS files (GRIPS) but are not able to let show some "context information" as it is possible in SDL Studio.

We had already a filter which works correctly in SDL Studio. We have exported the settings and imported them in WorldServer. We first noticed that the rules were not sorted like in Studio - but from the last rule to the first rule. After changing this, we were still not able to see the information.

We have also generated a package to be open in Studio. In Studio, no surprise, the information are not in the sdlxliff. But when I prepare the same source file in this project, then the preparation works as expected. It looks like as WorldServer does not write the information in the sdlxliff whereas Studio does.

Is it a known bug? Has anybody noticed that? Or is it not implemented yet?

We use the version 10.4.2.

Many thanks


  • Hi Sébastien,

    first: please check the Task History and in the "Segment Asset" entry, confirm that the correct filter and filter configuration is used to segment your file.
    In case you are not familiar with the Task History and the entries visible there, this is an example of the information provided for a DOCX file that has been extracted/segmented with the Microsoft Word 2007-2016 Studio File Type filter and the Default filter configration:

    Completed Segment Asset step of task 3 in time [00:06:48] on engine [SNWSxxx:clone#610286138:engine#2] with result Translatable. Execution output: Asset has been segmented (Filter: Microsoft Word 2007-2016 Studio File Type; Filter config: Default;

    If the Task History entry states that you are using a different filter and filter configuration than the one that you have configured, what probably happens is that the system is using the system default filter and filter configuration.
    In order to override the system filter settings (visible under Management > Administration > Customization and the "Mime Type" Custom component type) you need to create a Filter Group and add the correct Mime type/Filter and Filter Configuration to that filter group.

    Then add the Filter Group to the Project Type in the "Processing" tab and Filter Configuration section, where you can select the filter group in the scroll down menu.. Make sure you save your changes in the Project Type. Create a new Test project with your changed Project Type..

    If reviewing the Task History confirms that you are using the correct filter and filter configuration, but the issue remains: I suggest that you submit this issue as a support case providing following information:

    1- source file
    2- export of the Filter Configuration
    3- Screenshot of the issue
    4- A description of the content that you would like to see extracted.

    If the issue happens on a WorldServer environment that is hosted by SDL, Support would be able to find all relevant information based on the project ID.

    I hope this helps you.


  • Hello Caterina,
    thanks for your answer. My customer has open a ticket. We've checked the logs and the settings but we can't find anything wrong. I hope you'll be able to find the problem.
    Kind regards
  • Sebastien,

    Is the context information that you are talking about like the aqua 'M' in the image below?

    If so, i think i can help. You can configure that in WS by clicking advanced on any given parser rule

    Then clicking the edit button on the structure line

    Then adding a new property

    You can use predefined ones from the dropdown and can also create your own.
    *Note there is a bug i already have raised with SDL where if you do not change the color before selecting something else in the drop-down, you are unable to change the color until you save and then re-open the property for editing. I also suggested in the same ticket that the default color be something other than black (which is not very helpful)

    Once it is saved you can then edit what you want to show up in the document explorer, the context name or the content in the context.

    If this is not what you are talking about can you clarify what it is?

  • Hello Eric,
    thank you for your answer, Yes I'm talking about the 4th column in the Studio editor, where your aqua "M" are.
    My customer who works with WorldServer has already raised a support ticket. We'll see what the support team says.

    The problem is that everything has been configured as you describe, but in Studio 2015. In the future, our customer wants to prepare the files herself. So I shared our file type settings.
    She imported the settings file and prepared her XML files with it. But the context information is not present in the sdlxliff. What is weird is: when I open her package, delete her sdlxliff files and re-prepare the same XML with the same project settings, then the context information is present... so maybe a compatibility problem.

    A first issue was that the rules in the settings file have been imported in reverse order. My customer had to order them back.

    I will share the answer as soon as we get a feedback.

    Thanks for your help
    With kind regards
    Sébastien Desautel
  • Hi Eric,
    so we got the answer: it's a bug in WorldServer.
    We had 3 rules in our XML parser:
    //TAG[@Name=AUFGABE] with AUF as context info
    //TAG[@Name=ANWEISUNG] with ANW as context info
    //TAG (for the other Names)

    With this configuration WS is not able to set the context info. But without the rule "//TAG", it works.
    Fortunately, it was OK for us to remove it and we have what we need.

    Kind regards

  • Thanks for the heads up! BTW do you have a WS bug ID? I'd like to get our organization added to it as a listener.
  • Hi Eric,
    Can you check this new post of mine:
    Maybe you can tell something about it.
    Thank you
  • Thanks! I just ran a quick test regarding your other post and it looks like the context issue pointed out there is resolved in 10.4.4 at the least.
  • Thanks for your feedback... I should check again. The version of this customer is 10.4.4 as well!!