Upgrading per Version
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Many SDL WorldServer customers have successfully upgraded their environment to WorldServer 11. Request your upgrade today, although, please note request to upgrade submissions can only be received for Hosted or Managed Service customers.  For on premise customers as our technologies sit behind your firewall, upgrade and maintenance of SDL WorldServer is the responsibility of your organisation.  Although if you do require assistance, please do engage our Professional Services team for expert support.

We are currently upgrading hosted customers to WorldServer Version 11.1.1 CU5.  If you would like to schedule your upgrade, please contact SDL to request this: Request Upgrade (Hosted Customers).  You can find the release notes for WS11.1.1 within the WorldServer Community at WS11.1.1 Release Notes.  For full release documenation please visit the SDL Documentation Center.

SDL will partner with hosted customers to ensure a successful upgrade.  It is imperative that customers continuously upgrade to a current version that contains fixes, improvements and new functionality.  To aide in planning the upgrade please find below important information.  For further inquires, please contact SDL.

Customer Requirements

  • Assign a contact to coordinate the upgrade schedule with
    1. SDL will coordinate the upgrade with one main contact (others can be in cc). That contact is expected to communicate to the appropriate folks on the customer side, including other vendors that may have systems integrated with WorldServer.
  • Be aware of the downtime.
    1. They system will be offline for the duration of the upgrade. Users should be aware.  Users or owners of other systems that integrate with WorldServer should be aware

Please note that the previous requirement of having to check in all offline translation kits is no longer needed.

If projects are complete, it can be a cleaner process but it is not needed.

User Interface

SDL has invested in creating a new User Interface for WS11.x (referred to as WSXI).  SDL understands that UI changes can affect users significantly so there is an option to continue initially using the Legacy UI which is referred to as "Classic".  SDL recommends customers upgrade to Classic first.  This phased approach allows the customer to upgrade to receive all the benefits of WS11.x without the new UI.  The customer can then peruse the new UI and then enable it at a time that is convenient for their users.   The enablement process for the new UI is easy and simply requires a file change and restart of services (not an upgrade process).

Important URL Changes when upgrading from WS10.x to WS11.x

With the advantage of a phase UI upgrade, there are now two WorldServer URLs to be aware of.  The base URL will automatically redirect to the UI selected.

The base URL is https:// CUSTOMER.sdlproducts.com.  When upgrading to WS11.x Classic, this will be automatically redirected to the Classic login page: https://CUSTOMER.sdlproducts.com/ws-legacy/login

Areas that may need updated URLs and CUSTOMER ACTION


Upgrades can last anywhere from 6 – 12 hours.  Duration is dependent on the system size (how many servers and the size of the DB), and version upgrading from.

A standard weekday upgrade may start at 8 am BST and complete at 3 pm BST

For weekend upgrades, these typically involve multiple systems so the window for the upgrade is larger, all day.  Starting at 8 am BST and completing around around midnight BST.

There are exceptions to these durations so please check and your duration will be confirmed with the Customer Enablement contact coordinating your upgrade.


The system will be offline during the upgrade.  Once the upgrade is done and the post upgrade validation is completed, SDL will send a confirmation email to you notifying you the system was upgraded successfully and that it’s ready for use again.

Any post upgrade issues should be reported as normal through Customer Gateway.  Urgent post upgrade issues can also be escalated to the CE upgrade coordinator for visibility.

Technical Support

Please refer to your Support Contract for technical support.  Technical support SLAs do not change during upgrades.  We notify our support groups when once an upgrade is confirmed so that all teams are aware.

Weekend Upgrades

Weekend upgrades are performed as a convenience for our customers.  SDL does not staff technical support for customers on the weekend unless they have a specific support contract that covers support on weekends.  Resources working that weekend, and “on call”, handle the communication, execution, and validation of the system upgrade.  Once the system is validated by SDL and handed back to the customer, normal support cases will be addressed within the normal support contract days/hours.  If there is something production stopping we will work with you.  We have resources to handle a failed upgrade – see next section.


Typically any major issues would be picked up during SDL’s post upgrade validation.  If the upgrade cannot be completed successfully, a rollback will be executed and the customer informed.  A rollback is done as a last resort option and this reverts the system back to the state prior to the start of the upgrade.

Timing on rollbacks is important.  Any work done within the system post upgrade will be lost as the system is reverted to the pre-upgrade snapshot/backup.  Rollbacks would normally be executed immediately following an upgrade due to major upgrade process failures.

SDL Post Upgrade Validation

SDL performs a simple post upgrade validation.  This is done after the system is upgraded but before the system is handed back to the customer.  The purpose is to confirm that the upgraded system is functioning as expected.  This does NOT catch all product issues or unexpected behaviors within a system.

SDL Custom Solutions will validate the system post upgrade at a high level.  Such validation tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Management
    • User load and edit
    • Useful links, for any self-referencing pages
    • WorkFlows, page load and display
  • Tools
    • Reports, load page and run report
    • TM/TD, load page, search TM/TD
    • MT, check for current configs
  • Assignments
    • Check engine logs
  • Projects
    • Create a project with multiple file types (using most basic workflow in the system)
    • Confirm segmentation
    • Reassign task to CS
    • Edit task in BWB
    • Export task to Studio, open
    • Cancel project
  • Properties file
    • Check URL of origin
    • Check WS_Config for transport property file
  • General
    • Check logs for errors and note
    • Change Authentication over to “public” settings

Customer Validation

SDL recommends that customers validate their system during normal working hours when SDL is fully resourced to handle any questions that may arise.  If customer chose to validate a system on Sunday after a Saturday upgrade, please be aware that normal support cases/questions may not be addressed until Monday during working hours (or per the support contract in place).

SDL recommends that the customer validates their system by running a test project start to finish through their normal process/workflow.  It is important to validate the normal steps/tasks that are done on a daily basis.


Customizations are the responsibility of the Customer.  Our Development team does not maintain customizations. Additionally, SDL does not test or validate customizations prior to, or after an upgrade.

If you have customizations written within the SDK framework, they should continue to work**, however SDL cannot guarantee this.

** Certain types of UI customizations (UI Hooks) have a known need to be rewritten when upgrading from the legacy to WSXI interface and will require a PS engagement to perform this work, we can inform you if you have any of these types of customizations

Options for customers who have customizations:

  1. Engage with SDL Professional Services for risk analysis, customization modification and customization post upgrade support
  2. Open a generic budget with SDL Professional Services prior to the upgrade so that you can draw on PS if a customization has unexpected behavior
  3. Upgrade without SDL Professional Services
    • Keep in mind that if there are issues with a customization it can take weeks to schedule PS work. This is on top of the time that it may take you to get paperwork approved on the customer side.  This would be an ok option for customers that do not have production critical customizations.  If you have Production critical customizations SDL does not recommend this option.  While the risk of post upgrade issues, may be small, there is still a risk that you would be without this function for some time.
    • Please keep in mind that a broken customization does not authorize a rollback. Rollbacks are a lasts resort due to a failed upgrade.