Hello everyone,

I am glad to announce the availability of WorldServer 11.4.3.

It contains the following fixes:

Affected area or component ID Description
Integration with SDL Trados Studio CRQ-18463 TM match sources are now displayed properly in Browser Workbench after the Save Online Asset step is completed on projects which contain segments translated in Language Cloud.
CRQ-17390 Fixed an issue which prevented users from opening WSXZ packages in Studio in a specific scenario (projects created by using Explorer, the project workflow includes the Generate Translation Kit automatic action, and Studio GUID generation is enabled in the Sdl.WorldServer.FileTypeSupport.Server.HostProcess.exe.config file.

After you apply Language Cloud machine translation to a WorldServer project in Studio and import the return kit back into WorldServer, the segments with the Translation Approved status in Studio now have their correct equivalent in WorldServer.

Note: To apply the fix for CRQ-12097, upgrade the File Type Support (FTS) Server to the version included in the cumulative update kit (

User interface CRQ-18339 You can now successfully include files whose name contains the percent sign (%) in projects created with the project creation wizard.
CRQ-18334 Changed the URL of the API documentation on the Home page from v1 to v2.
CRQ-17340 The correct information is now displayed when filtering projects according to their creator on the Classic interface.
CRQ-16425 Fixed an issue related to word count discrepancies between the Classic interface and the WorldServer 11 interface when canceling tasks from the Classic interface.
Translation memories CRQ-16963 Fixed an issue which caused the tmGroupId column in the database to not be populated when using a client-specific TM in a project type; this prevented SDL Online Editor from using that TM.
CRQ-16814 Fixed an issue which caused 100% matches to be displayed as repaired 100% matches.
Projects CRQ-16599

The Complete Step action is now enabled on a project group level and will behave as expected for projects having custom servlets associated with human steps. To complete the tasks in multiple project groups at the same time:

- The human action servlet must support the completion of project groups.

- The tasks must be in the same step as the human action servlet assigned to that step.

Note: If the servlet does not support the completion of project groups, the step is completed only in the first project of the project group; thus, you will have to complete the step manually for each of the remaining projects. For instructions on how to configure human action servlets on the WorldServer 11 interface, see Configuring human action servlets on the WorldServer 11 interface.

Third-party components CRQ-16486 You can now use saxon.jar alongside xalan.jar for XSLT processing.
Integration with SDL Tridion Docs CRQ-16444 In WorldServer, the plus symbol (+) is now encoded in file names to avoid integration issues during project creation.
Notifications CRQ-13837 Removed a double slash from the URL of the [project wsxi url] parameter in notifications for assigned tasks, which led to 404 errors.
File types and segmentation CRQ-12805 Fixed a segmentation error found on environments with SDL Custom Cultures installed when certain languages were selected as source locales.
Locales CRQ-10388 WorldServer now supports English (Macau).

SDL will provide regular cumulative updates, so that customers can benefit from the latest improvements and prevent potential issues. You can find announcements about new updates here.

WorldServer 11.4.3 is available on the public FTP.

Important: The supported Java SE Development Kit and Java Runtime Environment versions have changed as a result of the security improvements made in WorldServer 11.4.1. These changes apply both to the WorldServer application server and to client machines. If you are upgrading from a version of WorldServer earlier than 11.4.1, see Requirements for the application server and Supported browsers and recommendations for client machines.