Can I customize the display of the Job view to unfold the filtered jobs and the page size?

How can I set up the default view of the Translation Jobs screen?

For now I filtered by job status, and all status are collapsed by default, the Page size is always 10. Is it possible to expend all status by default, and have the page size fixed in “All”?

Also, I notice that when the page size is less than the jobs to be displayed, some rows won’t align correctly. Could it be a bug?

Thank you.

  • Hi Mia,

    Thanks for the question and for answering to Gan )

    Well, correct question, indeed there are some issues with this. As for page size, All value isn't saved when you open a list next time. However, any choice of concrete value (20, 100, 200), will be saved. When you have a lot of jobs (for example), displaying all rows could lead to decreased performance. So, I think that pageable views is good solution. Modern approaches also rely on loading additional rows while you're scrolling a list, but actually it is almost the same as pages (but with auto switching).

    Misalignment in groups is confirmed and known bug: we wait a fix from a developers of the Grid component used in TBM. It will be fixed soon.

    And last thing - auto opened groups. The same as misalignment in groups - it does not allow us to automatically open groups on form opening. Ideally, I want not to open all groups by default, but save last state and restore only previously opened groups when a view is opened next time. Hope soon it will be implemented!

  • Hi Eugene, 

    Thank you for the detailed explanation. 
    Saving the last state sounds very good to me. Look forward to it. :)

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  • Hi Mia, 

    I found that not having auto-open groups (statuses, in your case) was annoying, so I set up permanent filters for those statuses ("Create new filter" in the funnel symbol).

    That way, my default display is:
    "processing or partially finished": [Status] In (1,9)
    but I'm one click away from others, such as
    "any status and not invoiced": [Status] In (1,3,2,9) And IsNullOrEmpty([Invoices])

    These options are accessible via live filters too, but I find that the live filter panel takes up too much screen space.

  • Thank you, Emma,

    I also think that this is a better way of data visualization rather than groups opened by default. However, it's still on the radar, and it will be implemented as soon as grid component will allow it.

    For filters, instead of clicking Filter > New filter, you can click this Filter button:

    This one allows to specify filter conditions and immediately see results as you add more conditions. It allows to be sure that a filter is configured correctly. When you're done, click Save as to save current filter to the list of filters.

    Interesting idea here.. if user uses some filters frequently. they can appear as buttons above the table. So user can click on buttons and immediately switch between filters (without opening submenu).

  • Thank you, and .

    Those are very good suggestions and I've implemented them. Slight smile
    And I like the idea of button for frequently used filters. Thumbsup