Differences between BaccS Desktop and the "new" software (read service)

Hi everybody ...

May I know what the differences are?
I have bought BaccS desktop a few months ago ... Now I want to understand if this software will work in 2022 or it will be impossible to use ...

For instance ... 

Is the new service a standalone application? Or is it just a Trados Plugin?

What will be with my BaccS Desktop after 3 years from now?

Thank You.


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  • Are we sure the Team version will be a standalone version and You will not say later "oh, sorry; no more support"

    At some point in the future I fully expect the current versions of all our software to be out of support, but that's not the same as failing to provide an alternative.  So for as long as we are providing a Business Manager solution we will continue to support our users and offer an upgrade path along the way.

    By the way, I could wait a bit if BaccS will works these 3 more years ...

    The version you have now will work for as long as your windows environment doesn't change something that prevents it.  We won't fix bugs in that version, or enhance it, as we are not supporting it in that mode, but you have a perpetual licence so are free to use it for as long as you like.