Differences between BaccS Desktop and the "new" software (read service)

Hi everybody ...

May I know what the differences are?
I have bought BaccS desktop a few months ago ... Now I want to understand if this software will work in 2022 or it will be impossible to use ...

For instance ... 

Is the new service a standalone application? Or is it just a Trados Plugin?

What will be with my BaccS Desktop after 3 years from now?

Thank You.


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  • Just 1 more question ... is the 5.0.4 the LAST version of BaccS.

    That was the last update to BaccS Desktop single user solution.  The next update to 5.1.0 contains a significant number of enhancements and updates.  Here's an image that was part of an internal presentation delivered this week on what can be expected in the next release as Teams/Online:

    The emphasis of the software has changed as it was already becoming more complex than was needed for simple quoting/invoice requirements. So it will not be made available in the form of a update to the standalone single user application you are referring to.