Differences between BaccS Desktop and the "new" software (read service)

Hi everybody ...

May I know what the differences are?
I have bought BaccS desktop a few months ago ... Now I want to understand if this software will work in 2022 or it will be impossible to use ...

For instance ... 

Is the new service a standalone application? Or is it just a Trados Plugin?

What will be with my BaccS Desktop after 3 years from now?

Thank You.


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  • This is exactly what we are doing.  If you feel that the improvements in the Lite version are not suitable for you as a freelance translator then it would be good to understand why so we can improve it.  If you feel that you really need Team because you are a company (I know translators are companies too... but I mean not a single user) then as I said, please speak to your account manager and we can resolve this too.

    I'm not sure I understand what the problem is here?