Differences between BaccS Desktop and the "new" software (read service)

Hi everybody ...

May I know what the differences are?
I have bought BaccS desktop a few months ago ... Now I want to understand if this software will work in 2022 or it will be impossible to use ...

For instance ... 

Is the new service a standalone application? Or is it just a Trados Plugin?

What will be with my BaccS Desktop after 3 years from now?

Thank You.


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  • 1) Will I be provided with a license for the Lite version at some point? If so, when? Or do I simply have the option to pay for that license?

    This won't happen automatically as this is a seperate application altogether.  So you do have the option to pay for this licence.  However, if you would like to take this instead of your Desktop version I would be happy to make this available to you as a direct replacement for the version you have now. 

    We have tested this new version with many translators who used the old BaccS Desktop, and have an update due shortly - https://community.sdl.com/product-groups/translationproductivity/business-manager/w/wiki/5123/changes-introduced-in-sdl-trados-business-manager-lite-version-5-2. The intention is to try and make sure that this plugin provides everything a freelance translator will need.  If there are things missing that are essential for a freelance translator (not an agency, or one person acting as an agency) then we will consider adding them.  We would like this to be the best solution for a freelance translator and I believe you can already see evidence of this if you look at how the versions have evolved since we first released this plugin earlier this year.

    2) I see that I have a support agreement for Baccs Desktop 5 until May 2022. I was never informed of the need to have a support agreement. What will the consequences be when that support agreement expires? If after 2022 I wish to "continue upgrading or paying for [my] support contract," as you wrote in the other thread, what does that entail?

    The reason you were provided with the support agreement was so you receive free upgrades to your product for as long as they are made available.  You also have the ability to log a case through the support team.  Once the contract expires you would have to pay for all future upgrades.

    Having said all of this, subsequent to the original announcement we decided to discontinue the Desktop product altogether and replaced it with two products, Business Manager Team and Business Manager Lite.  There will be no further upgrades to the old desktop product.  This means that your existing support agreement entitles you to ask for help through the support teams whenever you like, but there will be no more upgrades to that particular version of the product.

    3) It appears that there will no longer be an online forum in which to ask questions about problems I have with Baccs desktop, like there was before. Is that correct?

    That is incorrect.  You are asking your questions here in an online forum for Business Manager and you should feel free to ask questions about the old Desktop version you have.  Probably the closest to it is Business Manager Team.  Just make sure you always mention the version number so people reading the post will know how best to answer.

    But you also have the support contract and can use that whenever you like.

    4) In the future, will the updated Lite version always require the latest version of Studio to work? I have a Studio licence but I will very likely not continue to update the product.

    When we develop plugins for Studio they may work for older versions too.  But at some point we take advantage of new APIs that were not available in older versions  and this can mean we have to build a new version to suit the new APIs.  When this happens we will retain the older plugin so it won't be lost, but once that version of Studio is no longer supported we won't support the plugin for that version either.  So there will be no more updates with new features or bug fixing where required.

    You can of course continue to use the older versions for as long as you like.