How come that you changed the name of Baccs?


I am very unhappy. I was trying to find something for Baccs when I discovered that it was not anymore present on the translation productivity. After clicking and clicking I discovered that Baccs had given birth to BMLite. I am a user of Baccs desktop and of SDL and I have not received any info on this.

For once a bad point for SDL!

Your loyal customers deserve a better treatment.

With kind regards, Manuella

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  • Hi 

    We felt that the new name better communicates the focus of the product... and if I'm really honest some nationalities pronounced BaccS like Bugs!!!

    I have checked the details we have…

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  • But it seems that Trados Business Manager Team is more for agencies, is this right? Do you have further information about this? Does this application aim at freelancers?

    Correct.  The features in it and all future development are aimed at Agencies and larger Companies.  For Freelancers we are continuing to enhance Trados Business Manager Lite.

    The important ting here is that if there are features missing that should be in a solution like this for Freelance translators then we will consider adding them in a future release.