How to get the total and not the details of a job on the invoice?

Hi Eugene,

I use Baccs desktop. I am sure that there is a way but I have not yet found it. On the picture below are displayed all the details/fuzzy of a project. I would prefer to show only the project total on one line. How can I do that? Thnaks, Manuella

  • Hello, Manuella,

    In all default templates, to print invoice contents, the Rows to print table is used:

    This table contains all services from all jobs included in invoice (see Template structure documentation article).

    You can change source of this band to Invoice details. In this case, each row printed in invoice will be linked with the following structure:

    So, if your invoice contains, say, 2 jobs, this band will be printed 2 times, regardless how many tasks each job has. After changing data source, you can access total job amount (Amount field), and individual fields of a linked job (for example, PO number). Well, this structure also contains such fields as Quantity and Price, but if invoice row is linked with a translation job, these fields will contain zero values. They make sense only if invoice row isn't linked with any job. In other words, if you switch from Rows to print to Invoice details, you won't be able to print quantities, units and prices in your invoice, only total amount of each job (because job may contain multiple tasks). So, for example, if you put Job > Job Tasks > Work type > Name to such band, then you will get only first work type of a linked job, but not all work types.