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Moving from BaccS to Business Lite or to BM Online : how to choose and how to transfer data

Hello Eugène,

I am a BaccS user via ProZ. As there will be no updates in the future I am considering switching to BMLite. But I have an history in BaccS, + templates + Customer lists + expenses etc...

Is there a way to "migrate" the data from one version to another ?

Or should I consider to buy BM Online ? so to have access to all the features of BaccS ?

Business Manager Lite seems to be a good tool for quotes or invoices but I miss the possibility to add expenses. Even a freelance has expenses, isn'it?

With kind regards, Manuella

  • Hello, Manuella,

    Definitely, this feature will be added soon, but today it's not there. Import from BM Lite to full BM is already implemented, but not vice versa. This is due to fact that full version has more data, and something must be lost during data transfer. However, data transfer from Lite to full version seemed possible, so it was implemented.

    We're now planning how to implement it, so in nearest tine I think this feature will be added. But with some limitations.

    As for expenses, yes, maybe it's worth to add them. For now, you're right, Lite version does not allow to add them.

    Underlining, automatic move in today's circumstances seems to be impossible. Can't promise, but maybe it will change in about month. Or two, depending on priorities.

    Not very helpful, I know, but that's the current state.

  • Hello, Eugene!

    I am also a BaccS user via ProZ. I have just downloaded a trial version of BM, but I'm concerned that activating the trial licence might override my BaccS licence or cause it to malfunction.  1) Can I use both products concomitantly? 2) When my trial of BM expires, a) Do I need to cancel anything? b) Will my BaccS and its data still be functioning normally and preserved? 

    Thank you and kind regards,


  • Hello, Mayra,

    I think it won't work if you cancel a trial. The reason is database structure. With ProZ, you have version (I forgot) 4.14, for example. With TBM, version is 5.3. Larger that the one used with ProZ. If you cancel trial and return to 4.14, databases won't be compatible (can't downgrade), and it won't work. So, maybe it's worth to save (backup) current database. But anyway it won't be too pleasant to enter data in old database after cancelling current trial.

    Please let me know if this helped or additional clarifications are needed?