Business Manager Lite - any reporting functions for client statistics?


I've been using TO3000 for my client statistics years, but have never found it particularly intuitive and now I've moved to a new Windows 10 computer on which I can't get it to work, I'm wondering whether to upgrade or to move to a new program that is more suited to my needs. I'm not unduly worried about the invoicing/quote functions, but I do like the ability to keep client records and statistics over the years, eg number of words/hours/income from specific clients over defined periods, which languages, etc.

I gathered from the SDL Roadshow in London on Tuesday that Baccs has evolved into SDL Business Manager, but when I asked about reporting functions, I was told I'd have to buy the full program (not Lite), which really feels like overkill for a freelancer with very little outsourcing. Hence my question: is there any ability to export client data from BM Lite or would this be something that could be included in the future? It strikes me that all the information is already there. I like the idea of having everything integrated in one place, but really don't need all the bells and whistles (and presumably price - couldn't find online!) that come with the full package.

Many thanks.

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  • In the meantime, I'll download the trial version and see what I think. It would be good to integrate the functions of translating and project management, I must admit.


    Great post... and this is exactly what we want to see.  We are committed to making this the ideal solution for the majority of freelance translators using Studio.  We don't want this to become the more complex tool it was as it contained too many features that are only useful for the few.  But there are definitley things we can do that would be useful for the many and this is what we need to understand.

    Your feedback matches that of a few other users I have spoken to so we will look at what we can do here.

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