Which are the files for the customized layouts?


I reinstalled Business Manager on a new computer and want to transfer all my settings from the old machine.

I copied the database and the project, clients, etc. are ok but my layouts for the jobs, projects, etc. views (which I have customized on my old machine) are not preserved in the database file. 

In which files they are saved so that I can copy them over to the new machine?

I also have added some custom fields which I want transfer as well.

  • Hello, Ivaylo,

    By design, everything must be stored in the database. And, after update and copying database file all customizations must remain.

    All customizations were lost? Or some remained?

    Did you change application language?

    You can try to go to Other/tools > Users, and click Manage User UI customizations. Then double click on your user with 'Win' in the Context column. In the list of aspects, you could see one or few aspects. Try to click on them and view XML, which contains info about customizations. If contents are long, with a lot of node, then your customizations are in that aspect.

    So, each user name and app language could have own customizations. Say, if you changed app language, you can copy/paste customizations from one aspect into another.

    Will this info help?