create PO in Business Manager Lite


I've just installed and paid Business Manager Lite and I've a problem: I don't know how to create POs for translators. Does Business Manager Lite do that or I've to by Business Manager?

Note: I'm a translator and agency, but a very small agency

  • Hello, Alessia,

    In Lite, there is no any functionality implemented with assigning work to external translators. Only 'incoming' work.

    We've already been thinking about simplest implementation of work assignments to collaborators, so if you have any suggestions on this subject, will be great to discuss!

  • Hello Eugene!

    thank you for your quik replay.
    It would be very appreciate to have the possibility to issue a simple PO.

    I think of 2 possibilities.

    1) Business Manager can go and read the package data (in the professional version of Trados Studio 2019) and import data. (As in the package you have to add the Translator, Business Manager can read this information)

    2) To create the possibility, in Business Manager, to transform Quote into POs (the price would change, for sure)