How do I manage projects in Business Manager Lite that are not being handled via Studio 2019?

I am trying to test the tool for first time to see if it is worth for me to migrate from my current management tool, but I do have quite a lot of work which is not done via Studio 2019, and I want to handle all my project management tasks (both using SDL Studio 2019 and other translation tools) in one management tool only. From my test so far, I have three questions:

1- How do you set up language pairs for projects that are not initiated via Studio 2019? When I try to add a language or language pair line, I do not get any values or data to use or drop-down menu to pull from, and if I type languages or languages codes, they do not get saved. It seems that by default languages only show if configured as part of a SDL Studio 2019 project or single file. Is that right?

2- What is the usage of "term" and "factor" ? How can I enter log date, due date and delivery date, which may be different? Can I enter contacts for each customer so that the name of my PM appears in the invoice?

3- Is there a specific line to enter the PO for a particular project without having to create a quote? 

Overall, is it worth/advisable managing all my language projects, even those outside Studio 2019, in Business Manager Lite? Or is only useful for work done via Studio 2019?

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