Manually entering work time


In Business Manager Lite, is it possible to manually enter work time on a completed project, regardless of it being a Studio synced project or not. It looks like adding work time is only possible through time tracker logs, so it is impossible to add time data to a custom project (for projects outside Studio for example). 

In short, I would like to be able to see how much time I spent translating a given amount of words in a project, then see how many EUR/hour I made as a result. Is it possible?

Moreover, having charts using time data could be useful to see how many hours we spent translating for a given client/subject area/language pair, and to filter projects/clients based on the previously calculated EUR/hour ratio.


  • Hello, Antoine,

    I think you're right. Currently, Time tracker tab in the project editing form does not allow to enter/edit any data. However, if you open this project in Studio and open any file from this project, you will be able to access Time tracker window, which allows to do automatic or manual editing.

    Absolutely agree that editing functionality should be available in the project editing window as well. We'll implement this.

    And special thanks for suggestion about charts. I'll post a message here when it will be ready!

  • Hello Eugene,

    Thank you for your answer, I hope this feature will be added soon!

    After some research it seems that this feature is included in the desktop version.
    Another suggestion that I believe would benefit freelance translators and that I was looking for: a workload planner (which seems to be present in the desktop app too).

    This would eliminate the need to have separate programs/excel sheets to track our time, productivity and access detailed reports.