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Invoice design - label behavior according to work type


I was wondering whether it's possible to make a label behave a certain way according to work type. Specifically, for translation jobs I have a total quantity label on my invoice for the different fuzzy types in a job, which each have their own quantity labels. I would like the total quantity to appear for translation jobs and be hidden for revision jobs because revision jobs only have one quantity and I don't want it to appear twice. How do I do this? I assume it's using the formatting rule sheet and adding a condition but I have no experience creating conditions.



  • Hello, Kai,

    Thanks for good question. To solve this task, we can do the following:

    1. Select InvoiceRow band and in the Group and sort panel, add a new group for Work type.Name property. Depending where you want to show totals for service type, make height of header or footer zero (just drag to top). For example, we want to display totals for Translation at bottom:
    2. Select new group and move it up so it appears above Sort group.
    3. Place something to the footer, like "Totals by [WorkType.Name]: some amount":

      For summary item, select Sum function calculated By group!
    4. Now this footer is displayed for all work types, but you want to show it only for specific services. This can be done via scripts, but this requires programming. So, for rule sheet, open conditional rules sheet dialog and create a new rule with this condition as example:
      [WorkType].[Name] != 'Translation' And WorkType].[Name] != 'Proofreading'
      Visual designer will help not to type everything manually. You can add as many And clauses as needed. Then, set Visible parameter for this rule to No and Data Member to Invoice items (this is important!) , so when condition is met, applied control will be hidden.

    5. Select Footer band and find Formatting rules option:

      In the dialog, find created rule and apply it to this band.
    6. Try to preview invoice! You can see that orange total for translation are shown, but for editing - no.

    Attaching invoice template to play with it.


  • Hi Eugene,

    Thank you very much not only for your very quick response but for the detailed instructions! I will try this out and if I have any questions I will report back.

    Kind regards,