BacQ 5: invoice "rounding" strange

Hello Eugene and Co.!

Somehow an invoice has rounded the final amount wrongly. See the pic. The real amount should be 63,40. (base amount 60, plus 12,60 minus 9 = 63,40, not 64!

Nowhere in the program can I find a reason that explains this (like "round my totals"....)

  • I believe in old versions there were rounding options per client o per invoicing, in the old manual you can see them. But in the update program nothing. Is it possible that there's an old setting in my database? (I started using this fantastic suite during beta stages years ago and keep the db from then)

  • Hello, Erik,

    Why? We still have rounding option (Customer > Main customer settings > Default rounding, which is 3rd filed in the second group). As I change default rounding, I get different results in an invoice. Looks like it works correctly. I suppose in your case it will be zero, but need to set 1 or 2.. In invoices, even if you set more than 2 decimals, you will still be getting rounding by 2 decimals anyway.