BM and GS integration

Hi All,

We were trying to test BM and GS integration workflow.

Our steps were the following:

1. Created a project in GS (one file, eng-rus)

2. Then created a new project in BM from GS (By the way the GroupShare buttton becomes active only after checking a project). 

During this process we were getting random error:

3. The project has been created. Empty. With no jobs, no tasks, no stattistics.

4. Then we tried to import  analysys results, got the error:


5. Tried to set the target fuzzy type manually with no succes. The changes were not saved. 


6. After that we tried to sync jobs/assignements but got that random error again:

7. We didn't succed in importing any data from GS project to BM project.

So what are the right steps for this process?


Tatiana and Yuri   

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