Baccs 5.0.4 - my invoice templates disappeared

I am asking this question here because there is no forum for Baccs 5.0.4.

First of all, I'd like to ask, since there is no forum for the product I paid for, will there no longer be the possibility to ask questions about problems with Baccs desktop?

My question is:

I had localized my invoice templates. Now the localizations I made have disappeared. The only templates I see in "Reports and Templates" - "Invoice templates" are default templates from 1 to 8.

Even worse, it doesn't let me edit them. "Clone" and "edit in the designer" are greyed out.

What happened?

Thank you.

  • Hello, Eric,

    Of course you can ask questions about BaccS here, as Business Manager is re-branded BaccS.

    I think templates didn't disappear. Simply check them in the uncategorized group (Custom report). Almost sure they will be there - no chances they were deleted.

    Even worse, it doesn't let me edit them. "Clone" and "edit in the designer" are greyed out.

    Yes, because default templates can't be cloned and edited. But you can click Copy predefined report button to create custom template based on predefined one.

  • I'm afraid I don't see them in "Custom reports." I just see:

    If you have any ideas, it would help, but if not I guess it's not a big deal.

    And thanks, yes I can "Copy predefined report " to modify those invoice templates.

  • All right, Eric.. Strange.. Did you notice when they disappeared? After update? After some other action?

    If it happened after update, then maybe I have solution, because there was old update which could lead to such situation. In this case, templates aren't deleted, but hidden. To "unhide" them, there are two way:

    1. I write instructions and you follow them (will require to install database viewer)
    2. You send me your database in private message and I will restore it by myself.