Baccs 5.0.4 - my invoice templates disappeared

I am asking this question here because there is no forum for Baccs 5.0.4.

First of all, I'd like to ask, since there is no forum for the product I paid for, will there no longer be the possibility to ask questions about problems with Baccs desktop?

My question is:

I had localized my invoice templates. Now the localizations I made have disappeared. The only templates I see in "Reports and Templates" - "Invoice templates" are default templates from 1 to 8.

Even worse, it doesn't let me edit them. "Clone" and "edit in the designer" are greyed out.

What happened?

Thank you.

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  • All right, Eric.. Strange.. Did you notice when they disappeared? After update? After some other action?

    If it happened after update, then maybe I have solution, because there was old update which could lead to such situation. In this case, templates aren't deleted, but hidden. To "unhide" them, there are two way:

    1. I write instructions and you follow them (will require to install database viewer)
    2. You send me your database in private message and I will restore it by myself.