BaccS 4 licence purchased through ProZ set to demo mode


I have a full licence for BaccS 4 purchased through my ProZ Plus membership. The software has recently moved to demo mode (see screenshot), rendering it effectively unusable. I use it to organise all my jobs and billing. Please can you help to resolve this issue, as I understand from the BaccS website that the software should continue to work as normal since SDL took it over. 

Thanks and regards,


  • Hello, David,

    Sometimes it happens, not sure why. Simply open Settings > Integrations > Connect account or Check Plus subscription:

    You must get green icon in the second folder telling that you're Plus subscriber.

    Please try and, if possible, tell us if that helped.

  • Hi Eugene,

    As I'm in the same position as David (user as a ProZ Plus subscriber), I was wondering if I will be able to continue using my Desktop version. Will my "license" expire with my current membership and set to demo mode or will I be able to continue working with it throughout renewal of my ProZ membership?

    I have read in another thread that a migration to the Business Manager products currently offered for freelancers would not fully work, so I'm hoping to at least be able to work with my current desktop version until this is possible.


  • Hello, Verena,

    Well, latest v4 version (4.14.1) will continue to work with Plus subscription. But unfortunately it is not supported starting from v5 and all future updates. So, you can continue to use the software until it has enough functionality for you, but with time it will become outdated. Hopefully, soon there will be some solution of this issue.

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