TBM still doesn't work


we purchased our TBM licence back in December and we've been trying to get it running since then.

We've had countless remote sessions with SDL technicians to help fix our issues, yet after 4 months, when I tried to start it yesterday, all data I ad previously entered was gone.

At this point, we would like to know if we could our money back, since the product is not as good as it seems; honestly, the fact that we still have to request remote sessions for help is quite annoying, it seems that the product is not as top quality as it is presented to be, it def still needs a lot of updating.

Let me know.

Thank you for you attention.

Kind regards.

Giulia Fontolan

  • Hello, Giulia,

    I'm main developer behind Business Manager.

    May ask which issues forced you to ask for remote sessions and what wasn't solved? And what means 'doesn't work'? Will be glad to help with any issues.

    This is community forums, where I can help you with any technical questions. For questions about sells and refunds, I suppose it's not the right place.

  • Hello Eugene,

    thank you for getting back to me. 

    Unfortunately we've experienced different issues, such as TBM not connecting to the main server (we tried to fix that several times, however the issue still persists) or TBM seats not synchronising with each other.

    At this point, we would rather ask for a refund than keep wasting your time (and ours) in trying to help us, and maybe purchase the product back in the future.

    Could you please let me know who I can contact in order to get a refund?

    Thank you for your attention.

    Kind regards.


  • TBM not connecting to the main server

    As as I understand, you're talking about issues not in TBM, but in your IT infrastructure. This means that server doesn't respond, not correctly configured, or not available. We have many cases and examples when TBM connects to database server correctly, both in local networks and global networks, when computers are physically placed in opposite parts of the world.

    TBM seats not synchronising with each other

    With full confidence, I claim that this is not true. When clients connected to the same server, they all see same data. When server does not respond, application switches to local file-based database. This is stated in the application status bar. In this mode of course syncing is not happening, and network mode should be again enabled from the application settings.

    Could you please let me know who I can contact in order to get a refund?

    I suppose those person whom you contacted to purchase the application.

    Underlining: I recommend to correctly configure network. All described things are not linked with Business Manager application. Application works as intended.

  • Hi Eugene,

    thank you for your reply. 

    Unfortunately that is true, you can ask your colleague Monica, she's been assisting us for months with this issue, which we have still not managed to resolve. 

    To be honest, I don't know why it just keeps giving us trouble, but going back and forth like this is pointless, and we also feel bad that we always have to ask you for help (despite it all, one thing I can say though is that SDL support is very efficient).

    I'll talk to the sales person once she's back on Monday.

    Once again, thank you for your help!


  • Hello Giulia,

    Of course you can request (and actually I don't know how refunds work, sales person will help), but I will repeat: all problems are form network configuration, not from Business Manager. This is proven by other successful deployment cases.

    Since you created this thread in public (and created many similar threads) and claiming that Business Manager works incorrectly and can't be configured, this creates reputation risks for the application. Because of this, since we are talking in public, please provide any proofs that it doesn't work. Not just say that 'it doesn't work', because on such words I can answer: 'please read documentation', which will be pointless. So, when we have concrete questions and complains, I will reply with necessary documentation links or comments about database engine you use (both Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL, which one you use, has separate manuals).

    Additionally, TBM has extensive demo functionality, which allows to use and test application as long as needed without purchasing it.

  • Hi Eugene,

    I understand why you're taking this personally, but what I am saying is that even though I believe the product has all the features a translation company needs to manage its business, unfortunately for us the product doesn't work (meaning it is not for us). As I mentioned earlier, we've been having too many issues between connecting to the server and synchronising our seats, therefore we cannot simply keep going like this and that is why we are asking for a refund - it's just not the right product for us - since we don't want to keep waisting your time in trying to assist us (which I also said before).

    Anyhow, I already sent an email to the sales person who sold us the product, we'll see what she can do.

    If you still need to see all the tickets we have opened, I'll be happy to send them to you, should you request so.

    Once again, thank you for your attention.


  • Ok, Giulia, hope it will be solved positively. If needed, please post updates here. Thank you.

    p.s. I will remove second similar thread here, as it duplicates this one.