Will v5 still work in parallel with v6?

Hi Eugene!

Hope you are well!

I just got a notification about the new version 6 and can’t wait to use it.

I have a few questions if you don’t mind.

1) Will Version 5 continue to work nice and happily after I install V6.

2) How do I export my reports (not "Quick Reports" - just "Reports") from V5 so I can find them on V6?

3) I tried to install V6 on a "spare"  Windows 10 computer, just to look at it, but I get this message when I try to run it after installation 

A bit ominous, I suspect .Below are the specs of the machine

All the best!


  • Hi, Lorenzo!

    We didn't contact for such a long time. Happy to hear you!

    Thank you Emma for commenting here!! I just confirm what you said - TBM 5 and 6 are independent software, so it's safe to install parallel.

    As for question 3, definitely an issue is in Windows version, which is 32 bit. Since TBM is now 64 bit application, it can't run on 32-bit systems. I think we can compile it for 32-bit, but since such systems almost aren't used these days, probably it won't be a good idea to support 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

  • Hi Eugene

    Yes, it’s been a long time. I hope you’re well!

    I’ll try and install it in the next few days.

    But just an observation, if it’s not compatibile with 32-bit windows, wouldn’t it be useful to refuse the installation from the beginning, instead of installing and not run?

    All the best!


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