I can't migrate my data from Business Manager Lite 5 to Business Manager Essential 6

Hi there,

I have tried several times to import the .json file generated by Business Manager Lite 5 with my invoices to the new Business Manager Essential 6 and each time I get the same error message:

Can you please provide guide me through the process? I have read the instructions provided in the Wiki article but I can't find some of the options mentioned.

Many thanks

  • Hello, Trinidad,

    Unfortunately, this is indeed not supported, and error message is correct. This functionality allows to export/import data only between TBM Essential applications, but not from TBM Lite. If you're interested in switching, we will consider to implement migration functionality. However, can't provide exact time frames when this can be implemented. Have to analyze first how much work is there to implement this.

    What do you think?

  • Hi Eugene,

    Many thanks for your prompt reply.

    I can't believe this isn't supported as TBM Essential is essentially the latest version of TBM Lite (both products being targeted at freelancers)!

    I have already upgraded to TBM Essential, which means I can't carry on using TBM Lite and can only see all my client's data and previous invoices in TBM Lite but will have to enter everything from scratch again in TBM Essential.

    Of course I think this migration functionality should be there so I would really appreciate it if you could consider implementing it. If nothing else, a way to import my previous TBM Lite pdf invoices into TBM Essential is a must.

    Is there anything I can do to save re-entering any of this data?

    Many thanks!

  • Thank you, Trinidad,

    I fully understand and support that this functionality should be there.

    However, it is not true that 

    TBM Essential is essentially the latest version of TBM Lite

    These are separate applications, with different structures and workflows. TBM Lite is a plugin for Studio. TBM Essential is next version of TBM 5 (which also didn't support migration from TBM Lite 5!). TBM 5 was intended only for teams, but with version 6 we created a version for freelancers as well. Also, there is no any mention anywhere that migration from TBM Lite is supported.

    Currently that's hard to estimate when this function can be implemented, but maybe up to 2 weeks. Will that be fine?

    Right now, for sure I can say that it won't be possible to automatically migrate printing templates (will be required to re-create them, if you use custom templates), but almost sure that data will be migrated (not PDF files, but invoice and project data).

  • Hi Eugene,

    Many thanks again.

    I appreciate that TBM Essential 6 is a more comprehensive product and it's not equivalent to TBM 5 Lite because it has more features (like the possiblity of entering expenses, which I really would have liked to see in TBM 5 Lite) but the only upgrade option available from TBM 5 Lite is TMB 6 Essential. I must admit I didn't check the detailed information about it and just assumed migration was going to be possible.

    I any case, I'm happy to wait 2 weeks in order to have to the option to migrate my invoice and project data (I understand that invoice template formats would be more complex) so I'll wait to hear from you.

    Many thanks again for your help with this.



  • but the only upgrade option available from TBM 5 Lite is TMB 6 Essential.

    The reason for this is because TBM 5 Lite is the latest version and it doesn't need to be updated.  It is what it is, and it's a completely separate product to TBM 6.

    I'm happy to wait 2 weeks

    On this... there is no guarantee you will get this in 2-weeks.  Eugene has been very generous here with his time and is under a lot of pressure to ensure that TBM 6 is working correctly for all the users who purchased it.  Developing a migration path that was never intended in the first place from Lite to the full blown version is not a priority.  So please don't expect this in 2-weeks.  We will do this, but the timing will be determined by our other priorities for this product.

    Until then you can continue to use TBM 5 Lite.

  • Thank you very much for your reply, Paul.

    I understand the situation better now but I have one final question then:

    You said "Until then you can continue to use TBM 5 Lite.", however, TBM 5 Lite doesn't let me add any new invoices because I upgraded the license to TBM 6 Essential and it therefore says I'm in demo mode now. Can you please explain how I can do this?

    Many thanks again


  • But licenses should not interfere with Lite. It is supposed to be separate products storing licensing info in different places. If you open licensing dialog in your Lite UI, it should allow to register your version separately from TBM6. Won't that work?

    In case it doesn't help, we have a special team dealing with licenses (I'm not able to do that), probably accessible from your SDL account or maybe from here:


    As for migration, indeed there is a lot of priorities now, but we'll try to deliver it when possible

  • Thank you, Eugene.

    If this were the case, that would be great as I could continue to work on it until the migration of data is possible. :-)

    You see the reason I say TBM Essential 6 is an upgrade for TBM Lite 5 is because I had to "upgrade the license" when I bought it (in the same way I did with Studio 2019 when I bought the 2021 upgrade) and TBM Lite 5 is now "in demo mode" and it doesn't let me create any new data.

    In any case, I've logged a license issue here (https://community.sdl.com/product-groups/translationproductivity/f/licensing/35942/after-purchasing-and-activating-a-trados-business-manager-essential-license-i-can-no-longer-access-my-trados-business-manager-lite-5) and await instructions.

    Manyt hanks for your help. 

    I look forward to more nows about the data migration.



  • Thank you, Trini! Hope licensing issue will be solved, and I will definitely post an update in this thread when migration will be implemented! Enjoy the weekend!

  • Hello ,

    Happy to inform that we have released TBM Lite update which supports exporting data to TBM 6. It was published here:


    As always, if any issues migration, please let us know!

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