Problem restoring to new machine


I have an urgent problem. Unfortunately, I had my work laptop stolen last night. On the bright side, my database was stored on Onedrive so I have an uptodate version of it.

However, having reinstalled SDL Business Manager and placed the database in the right folder, I get the following message:

"Can't update database. Maybe you run older version of the software while your database was updated from another copy of SDL Trados Business Manager, from another machine or from web. Try to run updater? Select No to close the program."

Here I click "Yes" and nothing happens.

I'm really desperate for help here as I need to restore the info and do my tax returns by the end of the month.

Thanks a lot for any help you can provide.


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  • Just installed 5.3.38, copied my database into the folder and.. It works! Amazing! I was also surprised it gave me the error message with a new version. Should I try to update to the latest version? I tried opening this database with both 5.3.5 and 6 (the two versions I have access to download) but neither worked with my copy of the database.

    Also, just FYI, I had a back-up (.bak) from months ago which curiously enough did open with 5.3.5. Perhaps to upgrade I'll need to save and use a back-up? 

    In any case, you've really saved me hours upon hours of trawling through jobs and invoices to recreate the data. Thank you!