SDl Assembly Name SDl Assembly Name validation error

Hi there,

I represent the TAUS DQF development team and post this question on behalf of one of the plugin users:

Although the DQF plugin installation passed successfully I have a problem when starting SDL the following error appears:

Cannot load the plug-in defined in "DQF.plugin.xml". The plug-in contains references to SDL assemblies that have not been validated to use the third party plug-ins
SDl Assembly Name                                 Version   Validation error 
Sdl.ProjectAutomation.Automatic Tasks  3.0.0     SDL assembly reference is not public.


Look at the attached screenshot. My SDL version is:

SDL Trados Studio 2015 Professional - 12.0.4809.0

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  • Hello ,

    Unfortunately no screen shots are visible.
    Im wondering which version of the app is in use- maybe this is the old version still?

    **ATTENTION** If you had previously installed an older version of the DQF plugin (any version starting with 1.x) please note that the current new version is NOT COMPATIBLE with the old version 1.x plugin. If you want to try out the new plugin, please uninstall the old version first. You should find the uninstaller under: C:\ProgramData\SDL\SDL Trados Studio\12\Plugins\Packages Once removed, you can proceed installing the new plugin you download here. If you have any running projects that use the old DQF plugin or if you use the plugin in combination with WorldServer, please contact BEFORE installing the new plugin. Thank you!
  • In reply to Steven Whale:

    Hi Steven,
    The error appears when the user has installed the latest plugin version.

    We don't have Studio 2015 available to verify it, but the plugin does work properly on Studio 2017.

  • In reply to Dace Dzeguze:

    Hello ,

    The 2015 version of the plug in is no longer available on the app store.
    If someone has installed the latest version- this simply won't work with older Studio 2015 versions
  • In reply to Steven Whale:

    Hi Steven,
    Has SDL discontinued support to the Studio 2015 plugins? Or were there any changes to the Studio 2015 which broke the compatibility? Until now the 2017 plugin version was usable on Studio 2015 as well.

    Edited: I just found out that Studio 2015 has been officially retired since 28 February 2019. Does that have an impact on the usage of third-party plugins in this Studio version?

  • In reply to Dace Dzeguze:

    Hello ,

    The DQF plugin is maintained by a third party developer and not SDL.
    Some developers will maintain updates for discontinued Studio versions, but most won't.
    In this case, as we do not have a 2015 version (and Studio 2015 has been officially retired), then we can assume that the developer won't update or maintain older plug-ins i'm afraid.
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