Grammar checker returns ??? when errors



I installed the grammar checker plugin v1.3 for Studio 2015 SR2 12.2 on a new Windows 10 Pro (1607) PC.

However, each time I make a grammar error, all that this grammar checker shows are 3 question marks (???), but no description of the errors I made.

I also used the same version of Grammar Checker on a Windows 7 Pro PC ansd there Grammar Checker does indeed gives a description of the errors I made.

How can I make Grammar Checker work on my Windows 10 PC? Any suggestions?

Thank you.

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  • I forgot to mention that I use Office 365...
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    Hi Eric,

    We are investigating this in another thread at the moment.  It may be that Office 365 is the culprit here as it does not provide all the components we need to be able to hook into the Word features.  It works fine if you have the MSI version of Word installed.   might be able to update this thread next week sometime.



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    Hello Paul and colleagues,

    Any news regarding Grammar Checker with Office 365? I should need it next week, because I'll then start Monday a large translation project into Dutch. Until now, I was translating into French and I could use the Antidote app (I have a licensed Antidote fully updated), so I didn't really need Grammar Checker for this, but now it really would be nice to have it for Dutch, otherwise I'll have to reinstall a very old version of Office, Office 2007...

    Please advise.

    Best regards,

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    We're struggling with this because we cannot reproduce the problem at all.  We've installed various kinds of MSOffice, installed in different ways, and we don't have a problem.  

    However, maybe worth seeing if toggling this option makes a difference?  So if it's checked uncheck it and run verification again:

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    Hi Paul,

    Spooky... As it often is the case with Windows...

    Thank you for your reply and time.

    When I uncheck "Show error description", the app returns with the message "The target segment contains a grammar error".
    When I check this case, the message is "!!!" (and not "???" anymore, strange...). Checking or unchecking that case doesn't really change the problem, I'm afraid... :-(

    I also disabled the UAC to see, but got the same messages, unfortunately.

    I also downloaded the LanguageTool, but the problem there is that I get the message Cannot connect to server... Also :-(.

    Note that I installed MS Grammar Checker on a brand new PC that I installed 2 weeks ago, so this PC is still quite clean regarding Windows 10 (1607), I think...

    So there must be a reason why Grammar Checker doesn't show the right error messages on my new PC, I'm afraid. You could if needed connect to my PC for this MS Grammar Checker problem.

    Best regards,

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