Can I create a csv analysis with a breakdown of several files? The xlsx report I gives me the overall score as well as individual files. The csv report only gives the overall analysis.

For several files the analysis report in csv format only shows the overall results, no filenames and no breakdown per file

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  • Hi Ursula,

    I guess you are referring to SDL Analyse?  At the moment the CSV report only returns a summary level, so you don't get the individual files.  I also think it makes sense to do this so I will add it to the list of requirements we have for a future release of this tool.

    In the meantime perhaps you'll find this application useful:


    This little tool is very handy, although you do have to create a Project in Studio first.  Once you have done this you can get your reports based on a summary per project based on language, or you can switch to the files view and get the details by file, so like this for example:

    This can then be saved as CSV.  Have a play anyway, it's very simple to use as you just select the files or the projects you need and then click on "Copy Word Counts" or right-click and select "Copy Word Counts" or use a keyboard shortcut.  Any of these actions places the analysis on the windows clipboard and you can paste to Excel, to an email as a formatted html, or to notepad as a tab separated file.

    That might be the easiest solution for you for now.