SDL XLIFF Split/Merge App is no more working in Studio 2015 after update to Studio 2015 SR3

Hi everybody,


since updating Studio 2015 to SR3 CU0 (12.3.5262.0) the SDL XLIFF Split/Merge App is no more working!
Error message when trying to split an SDLXLIFF file:

Does someone has a resolution?




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  • Hi Rainer,

    The best thing to do is log a case for this with the support team. This app is actually maintained by the core development team and not the community developers so we can't help with this one. This can be achieved really quickly using this link:

    Just fill in the form and submit it. Make sure your email address is entered correctly or nobody will be able to get back in touch with you.

    The alternative is to use the SDLXLIFF Toolkit as nicely described by in this post:
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