An unexpected error has occurred while loading the application plug-ins


On the 18th March I posted the above subject in this site as I had some problems with Trados after having installed the Qualitivity app. The error message looked like this:


I have also received this error message during the process of installing the Qualitivity app:

I have been trying to solve this issue ever since. Luckily Trados is working fine even though I get the error message when starting up the software but it still frustrates me that the Qualitivity app does not work as I would like to use it for my future transation projects. I have renamed and repaired Trados Studio 2017 so many times now that I have lost count so now I really frustrated.

This afternoon I have even talked a nice woman in the SDL Support who 'took over' my computer screen in order to find out what was wrong.  Unfortunately she was not able to help me apart from the fact that she believed that it had to do with the Qualitivity app as the error message disappeared when she had removed the app. So she asked me to contact this community to get more help.

Best regards

Susan Murphy Lamprecht



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  • Hi Susan,

    There is nothing wrong with Trados Studio itself, it appears the Qualitivity installer is not running properly.
    Here is what I would suggest:
    1. Go to the following 3 folders
    c:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\SDL\SDL Trados Studio\14\Plugins\
    c:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\SDL\SDL Trados Studio\14\Plugins\
    c:\ProgramData\SDL\SDL Trados Studio\14\Plugins\
    and delete all folders inside. Note that this will clear any plug-ins you have installed!

    2. Install Qualitivity again by right-clicking the installer and selecting "Run As Administrator"

    3. See if the error occurs again by opening Trados Studio.
  • Hi Susan,

    I don't think these two errors are related, but there are several potential solutions for the first one, the error while loading the application plugins.  This could be a Studio problem... might not be too!

    First of all if you are using W7 please make sure you are fully updated to the latest service pack.

    Next please rename the following folders and reinstall any plugins you are using (note that you will have to reinstall them as this is going to remove them all):

    c:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\SDL\SDL Trados Studio\14\

    c:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\SDL\SDL Trados Studio\14\

    c:\ProgramData\SDL\SDL Trados Studio\14\

    Finally, this problem may be coming from leftover registry keys created from previous installations.  Please use the Registry Editor and go to this key:


    The Studio 5 folder corresponds to Studio 2017, Studio4 to Studio 2015 and anything below that relates to older installations of SDL Trados Studio.  If you no longer have those versions installed then please delete the leftover registry entries (Studio2, Studio3, etc)

    Then on the empty.gif error.  Try copying the file from inside the zip file below to the location below:


    Hopefully something here will help you.



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    Jesse Good
    2. Install Qualitivity again by right-clicking the installer and selecting "Run As Administrator"

    Hi Jesse,

    Just noting that Qualitivity for 2017 is an sdlplugin installer and not an msi anymore.  So you won't be able to install this as admin in this way.



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    Thanks Paul, haven't kept up with the times...