Translating MicroStation files in SDL Trados Studio

Hi, all.

Someone knows a productive way (workflow, automated or semi-automated) for translating Bentley MicroStation files (Bentley MicroStation) with SDL Trados Studio?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Mauricio,

    Do you have some sample files? I have not seen these types of files before so would be quite interested to take a look.

    Looking at the website I imagine these are probably compatible with AutoCAD so off the top of my head I wonder if they export to DXF and if you could handle these using TranslateCAD? wrote a useful article on this here:


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    Hi Paul.

    Unfortunatelly, I do not have files in this format yet. This is related with a new project for a client and what I am doing for now are preparatory tasks.
    Maybe what you propose is possible and there are ways to convert the files between one program and the other.
    I know TranslateCAD so, if that were the case, it would definitely be an option. We will see. Thanks for the link to the article.

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    Hi Mauricio,

    ok - let me know if you need any help when you get the files. I like to see new filetypes like this just to see what we can do... or not!