SDL Analyse - No project templates are defined

Excited about this analyse app! However, not able to test it out yet as I’m getting the message “No project templates are defined”. I deleted old registry items for Studio4, etc. but it didn’t seem to help.

It has been pointed out to me that the problem might be arising because the application is unable to locate my Project Template folder and this could be because they are stored on an external drive. This is in fact the case.

Can Studio 2017 and therefore the Analyse app be instructed to generally look elsewhere for the project templates? This is possible for each individual project template.

As I would like to continue having the project templates on the external drive, I suppose a workaround would be have the 2 folders syncing. Or simpler yet (but not ideal), to now and again just copy all the project templates on the external drive to my local project templates folder.

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    ok - so this is why copying the templates locally has no effect. Studio is still looking up the ones externally and the app is looking at the location Studio uses. I'm not sure why the app doesn't see them when Studio does, can probably explain, but if you were to point Studio to the local locations instead of the external drive then it would probably work.


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