Who developed the Batch Find and Replace app?

SDL support refers me to the develper. Developer who?

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  • Hi ,

    The way to see this is go the app:


    then scroll down and you'll find the developer contact details. In this case it is the SDL Community Developers and they can be contacted through this forum:


    So I moved this thread over to that one for you to follow up with your question. Worth noting however that whilst it says "SDL Community Developers" this app is actually still owned by SDL Core Development, but if you post your question into here we'll see what we can do to help.


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    But the app in appstore is for Studio 2009. I am on 2015/2017
  • In reply to Erik Eriksen:

    Indeed... but the contact is the same. The app is installed with Studio 2017 which is why it's still owned by the core development team. I think the support team were actually wrong not to take this one on, but they got confused over where it sits. Post your question though and we'll try to help.