Corrupted TM - SDLTM Repair doesn't work

Dear all,

for some days, I get the following error message in all projects with the same translation memory (sorry, it's in French): "Une erreur s'est porduite durant l'utilisation du fournisseur de traductions *name of the TM* : Le fichier de données de la mémoire de traduction est corrompu"

I've read several forum entries but couldn't solve the problem: I've installed the SDLTM Repair (standalone version) but the application says that my TM could not be found :/. I didn't manage to install the plugin version of SDLTM Repair though. For your information: I've been using SDL Trados SR2 when the TM error occured for the first time - I've upgraded to SR3 now, hoping this would change something. The error persists.

Can someone help me with this problem?

Thanks a lot!

Kind regards,


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  • Hi Eva,

    I guess you are referring to Studio 2015? Try manually copying the sdlplugin file to this location if you could not install it (although you didn't say why?):

    c:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\SDL\SDL Trados Studio\12\Plugins\Packages\

    Then look in the Add-ins menu for the app. If that doesn't help feel free to send me your TM if it's ok and I'll see if I can repair it for you -


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    Dear Paul,
    Thanks a lot for your quick answer! Yes, I do refer to SDL Studio 2015. I managed to install the SDLTM Repair Plugin and it seems as if my TM is repaired. The Plugin created a new TM called repaired_initial-name-of-the-TM. Do I need to replace the corrupted TM by the repaired TM in all project I'm currently working on/will work on or are there any further steps required? This issue makes me think of something else: How often do you recommend to back up TMs? And is there any special procedure to follow?
    Thanks once again and happy Easter :)
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    Dear Eva-Maria,

    If you referenced the same TM in all your projects then if you rename the old corrupted one to something else and then copy the repaired on it its place... but rename it to same name as the old one... then you should only have to do that one.

    On backing up. A good question. Probably good to take advice from heavy users to see what they do, but my thoughts would be this:

    1. Ensure you have a back up scheduled daily (probably of all your important files, not just your TM)
    2. Export to TMX once a week and back that up too. I just feel safer with a text based backup... must be my age ;-)

    put me onto some time ago and I use this religiously as it's so fast and unobtrusive. But I'm sure others have their preferred methods.


  • In reply to Paul Filkin:

    Great, I've done as you described!
    Thanks for your tips regarding back-ups. I'll be more examplary from now on ;)