SDLXLIFF Toolkit not working

 I installed the plugin in Studio 2019 Pro, specified the project and see the individual sdlxliff files. But whatever I enter as search text, I don't get any results. So what am I doing wrong?

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    Might need a little more information from you to help diagnose this one. The process would be this:

    1. Select the files in the list that you wish to apply the operation against
    2. Click on the "Search" tab and type in the text to search (source or target as appropriate)
    3. Click on "Find all"

    In simple terms that's it... are these the steps you followed?

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    Those are exactly the steps I followed. I tried selecting the project to select all files, and selecting individual files. Whatever I type in the search field, I don't get any results after clicking "Find all". It's just ignored.
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    Perhaps this will help in case I'm doing something different to you?